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Alta Val Nure panorama sui monti dell'appennino piacentino (PC), ph. Patrizia Oropallo

From the summit of Monte Aserei (1432 m.) the view includes both the Nure and the Trebbia valleys. The panorama is particularly lovely in spring, when the meadows are full of flowers.
The majesty of its broad slopes compensates for the fact that it is not particularly high, and mean it is easily accessible.

We would suggest you follow a path leading from Mareto (995 m) to the summit of Monte Aserei (1432 m.), and then descend the southern slope towards Nicelli (1063 m.) and so back to Mareto.
The paths are marked with the numbers 027 and 025, moderate difficulty, with an altitude gain of 477 m.
Time: three hours.

Monte Aserei