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Alta Val Nure panorama sui monti dell'appennino piacentino (PC), ph. Patrizia Oropallo

Monte Ragola (1712 m) is between Nure and Chero valleys, bordering the provinces of Piacenza and Parma. The mountain, constituted by serpentine and ophiolite rocks, is a trapezoidal massif with bare sides and rocky cliffs. On top there is a large semi-flat area, with exemplaries of mountain pines. The highest point is marked by a cross. A short rocky spur extends northwards, indicating the northern top of the mountain (1704 m).
Its western side clearly shows the action of the glaciers that moulded it over a hundred thousand years ago. Two glacial cirques that fed another small Apennine glacier are evident. The small glacieer descended toward Prato Grande, a large plateau today covered by a prairie; it separated in two branches ending the valley of Lardana stream, and beyond Pramollo it created the two basins with Lago Moo and Lago Bino. 
The northern side of the mount gently descends toward Prato Bure and Prato Grande, characterised by the presence of many springs generating a network of smaller streams. 

Prato Grande is a plateau located 1450 m above sea level, and over the summer there are cattle and Bardigiano horses, but in winter the prairie is covered by a compact snow blanket lasting until March. 
On this splendid plateau there is “Monte Ragola” refuge. This is the place on Piacenza Apennines where all those who wish to spend a day in sports or relax can stop. Prato Grande can be reached on foot, by mountain bike, or on horse; motorized vehicles are not allowed here. Monte Ragola is the favourite of all hikers because it has several paths. The shortest begins close by Zovallo pass, continuint on the western side of the mount (sign no. 037). Another path (no. 035), from Zovallo pass reaches Prato Grande, continuing up to Monte Ragola on the northern side (no. 037).
Other trails cover the northern side of the mount: no. 021 starts from Ferriere and goes past Lago Moo and Lago Bino, reaching Prato Grande, from which path no. 037 leads on top. Path no. 023, from Rocca site, links to the previous path close by Lago Moo, whereas no. 033, from Cassimoreno, links to path no. 021 at Lago Bino.Last but not leas, path no. 035 starts from Pianazze pass and reaches Prato Grande from north-east.  

Monte Ragola
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