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Parco delle fiabe, Castello di Gropparello (PC) ph. sito Castello di Gropparello

The first ’emotional park’ in Italy where you can live a magical timeless experience immersed in a natural environment made of centennial rocks and century-old trees. But, who lived in the woods? Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, Druids…and also the wood cutter and the miner. Then also Witches and Wizards, constantly looking for herbs for their potions, definitely an unforgettable adventure for all children.
A new series of events start from SUNDAY 10TH MARCH 2019 dedicated to daydreams. Parco delle Fiabe at Gropparello Castle opens and children will learn by having fun. The park was founded on this idea, an oasis dedicated to the discovery of magical marvels, fairy tales, pure childish fun that also involves adults. Children are spurred to socialize, be creative, find their own self-esteem and autonomy, to believe in their dreams and help them overcome their fears. All this under the umbrella of a lot of fun.  

The natural scenery where you can find the park is in a very old wood, the habitat that welcomes our young adventurers. You can get lost in the wood, make fantastic discoveries, animals and people that become real or invented characters. Children, once they get the knack of it, wear costumes to join the White Knight in his enthusiastic medieval fights against mysterious things hidden in the caves of the wood: ogres and witches. But they will also find some helpers in Fairies, Leprechauns, Elves, Druids, the Tree Man, and also the Animal Man. Everything becomes real in a daydreaming experience that will make children release their energies through laughs and surprises throughout these adventures. 
Knowledge, marvel and gaming mix in this explosive concoction that accompanies other initiatives here in Gropparello Castle: guided tours, theatrical plays inspired by the story of Rosania Fulgosio, the Fantasy day or the Castle Assault, during which children are divided in assaulting group and defence group to attack or save the castle.

Via Roma 84

Weekday timetable:
Booking is required

Holiday timetable:
From 9:30 am to 5.00 pm


Admission prices:
Ticket 22,50 euros; children 18,50 euros