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Arcobaleno alla Pietra Perduca, Val Trebbia, ph G. Turco

In a hilly landscape dominated by rounded outlines, the ophiolitic rock of Pietra Perduca emerges (659 m) as it resurfaced from the magma of the earth’s crust about 250 mln years ago. It is a dark coloured rock during the day that slowly turns red at sunset. 
Pietra Perduca presents different interesting element: first of all the medieval oratory erected in the 10th century on the rock, now closed to the public but recently restored.  
It is dedicated to Sant’Anna, who as an old woman gave birth to the Virgin Mary. Inside the holy building it is preserved a rock upon which, tradition says, the handprint of the Virgin appeared. 
On top of the rock there are pools carved in stone during the prehistoric era, full of water and called “letti dei santi” (Saints’ beds) where beautiful crested newts live. 
Every year, on Saint Anne’s day, the church is opened to celebrate the Holy Mass. 

For climbing lovers, Pietra Perduca presents an excellent path for whoever wishes to approach this sport. 

Loc. Pietra Perduca

Piazza San Francesco - Bobbio