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Po a Calendasco, ph Romersi, Archivio DTE

The river Po The river Po flows for 100 kms (out of 678 overall) through Piacenza’s province; namely, for 100 kms on the right bank; the great river starts its course in the open plain, then curves several times, making uninterrupted meanders from Castelsangiovanni to Castelvetro . The River Po offers diverse and fascinating natural and environmental resources, such as cane thickets and willow groves, misty woods, yellow water lilies and water chestnuts. Also ichthyc and avifauna resources are many:as to fish species, they range from the very common bleak, to tenches, carps, rudds, catfishes, perches and pikes;as to bird species, they range from night herons, to little egrets, herons, nightingales, water rails, great reed warblers and then coots, mallards, little terns and kingfishers. A veritable, extremely rich macrocosm creating a meaningful ecosystem for a unique heritage. And well be able to preserve such heritage just respecting this River, a geographical and cultural borderline and the distinctive trait in the life of people from the Padana Valley.
In Calendasco, at Soprarivo village close to Boscone Cusani, there is a roman stone indicating a ford on the river, on Via Francigena (the Pilgrim’s Way). This passage is called “Guado di Sigerico” (Sigerico’s ford) because it is mentioned in a diary describing the trip of the renowned bishop of Canterbury in 990 a.D.

Loc. Sopravivo

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