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Diga del Molato, Alta Val Tidone, Archivio Comune di Piacenza

The dam on the Tidone stream was built in the twenties (1921-1928) close to Rio Molato. It is a huge, concrete barrier forming the artificial lake bearing the same name (and also called Lake Trebecco).

Such lake is used by fishermen and people practising water sports.

The majestic dam with multiple arches and buttresses, fully built in reinforced concrete, is 55 m high and 180 long to the front and 322 m long including the lateral structures. The initial capacity of the reservoir is 12,5 millions of sq. m kept reducing due to the inevitable process of sedimentation within the basin, to reach about 10,5 millions. The reservoir cuts deep into the territory of Zavattello (province of Pavia) for two kilometers and a half; the basin reaches 750 m of maximum width.
The artificial lake was built with three water flow systems: the first is for superficial waters, located in the central part of the dam; the second is in a gallery on the right; the third is used to carry the water necessary to the production of electricity. 

Diga del Molato
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