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Tuna lakes are located at the center of the Trebbia Park. Precisely they are in Tuna, a little village about 20 minutes far from Piacenza town.

The area is equipped for the sport fishing activities and it’s made by three lakes; each lake is dedicated to a different fishing tecniques: trouts lake, carp lake and the sturgeon lake.

Tuna lakes district

The lakes are: one for trout, one for carp and one for the stourgeon fishing.

The trout’ s fishing lake

It’s mainly a spring water lake with an irregular shape and a small island in the middle. The depth is 3,5 meters.
During the winter season the lake is populated every day with rainbow trout ( from 300 gr to 10 kg weight).
During the summer season it’s possible to fishing carp and  catfish training. These species aren’t so many into the water, but they are large size.

The carp’s fishing lake

The lake is dedicated to the sport fishing and it’s a competition spot for the roubasienne tecnique and feeder. The lake has a rectangular shape and 2 meters depth. The lake is equipped with 63 fishing pitches, well reachable by car trough the special entrance. The different fish species includ carp.amur, american catfish and  the crucian carp.

The sturgeon’s fishing lake

It’s the smallest lake in the fishing area. It has a rectangular shape, with a 2,5 meters depth. Until today it was populated with 90 sturgeon ( 8-15 kg size). It exists one fish with an ecceptional weight of 50 kg.
Fishing is a funny and exciting sport, specifically for the big size of the fish in the water of these lakes. It’s a simple sport for everyone, including children.

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