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Ascent to the dome painted by Pordenone


Starting Dec. 30, 2023, the ascent to the dome of Santa Maria di Campagna frescoed by Pordenone opens every weekend.

The basilica built in the 16th century by Alessio Tramello was originally frescoed by the Friulian artist, who worked on part of the dome and later on two side chapels. His pupil Bernardino Gatti known as Sojaro completed the frescoes of the dome. Other artists operating in Piacenza intervened later with paintings that still enrich the interior of the church today.

The Ascent to the Pordenone Dome

When: every weekend until June 2024 (plus any holidays)
Where: Basilica of Santa Maria di Campagna, Piazzale delle Crociate, no. 7.

The climb to the dome of Santa Maria di Campagna has an agreement with the climb to Guercino’s dome in the Cathedral