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A contemporary September in Piacenza


In September 2023 Piacenza offers a rich panorama of events and exhibitions dedicated to the Contemporary culture, embracing different fields from art to dance.

In the city

Officine d’Acqua

When: 8 september – 15 october 2023
Where: Ex Consorzio Agrario di Piacenza, via Luigi Penazzi

dAS Festival

When: 14-16 September 2023
Where: various locations

XNL Aperto

When: 23 September from 5 p.m.
Where: various venues

Joseph Beuys/Enzo Cucchi

When: until 30 September 2023
Where: Via Nova, Piacenza

In the territory

Una boccata d’arte

When: 24 june – 24 september 2023
Where: Castello Anguissola, Piazza Trieste, 16 – Travo

Controcorrente (Countercurrent)

When: 9-30 September 2023
Where: Anguissola Castle, Travo