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Piacenza and its territory are pleased to invite you to discover a new, different destination full of surprises.
The Tourist Office (IAT-R) offers many experiences that can be booked and customised to fully enjoy the artistic and natural beauties of the territory. Particular attention is paid to the artisan and food and wine traditions of the province of Piacenza.


At the heart of Pleasure

Proposes a series of experiences dedicated to those coming to the city for the first time:

First time in Piacenza: 3-hour itinerary to discover the city’s monuments
Medieval itinerary: among the churches in the centre and the Gothic palace
On the footsteps of Liberty: architecture, details, wrought iron, courtyards of Piacenza that tell the story of this style
For young explorers: animated visits with urban games for children
Urban trekking on the Via Francigena: following Sigeric’s pilgrimage route.

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Among Villages and Castles

Proposes visits to discover castles, manor houses and ancient villages in the territory of Piacenza, suggesting specific activities for children and lovers of traditional cuisine

Memories of a time: itinerary to discover one or two villages and a castle in the valleys of Piacenza.
Glasses rich in history: visit to the village and wine tasting at a local winery.
Medieval kids experience: visit to Gropparello castle and the fairytale village of I Bersani
Ancient remains: A day discovering the “Neolithic Village of Travo” Archaeological Park and the Civic Archaeological Museum.

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Pleasures of Taste

A journey through Piacenza’s wines, cured meats and cheeses, with the possibility of cooking lessons and tastings.

Ancient crafts and flavours of Piacenza: combining knowledge of the history of trades with a tasting of local products
Piacenza wines: an experience among vineyards and cellars to discover together the characteristics of Gutturnio, Ortrugo and/or Malvasia.
Cooking lesson and more: cooking lesson of typical Piacenza dishes and final product tasting.
The secrets of the cheesemaker: visit to a Grana Padano Dop cheese factory, with possibility of final tasting
Delighting high-quality cold cuts: guided tour of a typical cured meat factory in the province of Piacenza with a guide.

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The Outdoor Pleasure

Routes through the landscapes of the province, from riverbanks to hillsides.

On the trail of pilgrims: a day to put yourself in the shoes of ancient pilgrims and explore places of transit and exchange, spiritual paths and ancient trade routes.
On the banks of the Trebbia River: discovering the River Trebbia and its rich flora and fauna.
Riding on the slopes: equestrian trekking in the  valleys of Piacenza
Trekking and nature: exploring ancient lakes, waterfalls and areas of geological interest in the Piacenza area.

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His Majesty the Po

Proposes nature immersion activities to discover the secrets and lesser-known places along the great river:

The Fish ladder: guided tour to the largest fish passage in Italy.
Naturalistic excursions: stroll along the banks of the great river, admiring the lights and colours along the Po.
The Po on two wheels: cycling itinerary along the banks and embankments of the river through changing landscapes.
On the river table: discovering the agricultural and culinary traditions that characterise the Strada del Po e dei Sapori della Bassa Piacentina.

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