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Nativity scenes, where ti see them in Piacenza province

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From the smallest parishes to the exhibitions the representations of the nativity in Piacenza are many and different. Here is where to admire the most characteristic, historical and particular nativity scenes: 

Nativity scenes in the city


When: from 8/12/21 to 06/01/22
Dove: Piazza Duomo

Church of San Savino

When: from 8/12/21 to 10/01/22
Cod Gardens

Nativity scenes in the province


Exhibition: A World of Nativity Scenes

Where: Palazzo del Podestà Castell'Arquato
When: from 13/11/21 to 16/01/22

Mechanical Nativity Scene

Where: Parish, Borgo di Vigoleno
When: From 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
From 4th to 19th December on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
From 24th December to 6th January every day

Exhibition of Nativity Scenes

Where: Oratory of the Madonna delle Grazie Borgo di Vigoleno
When: from 12/8/21 to 1/06/22


Nativity scene at natural height in the streets of the Borgo delle Fiabe

Where: Frazione Bersani (Municipality of Gropparello)
When: from 12/8/21 to 1/05/22

Exhibition of Nativity Scenes

Where: Podenzano, near the oratory
When: from 12/8/21 to 1/09/22


Nativity scenes in the Contrade (competition)

Dove: Bobbio
When: from 12/24/21 to 01/06/22


Mechanical electronic nativity scene from Strà

Colomba: Sanctuary of Strà, loc. Nibbiano, Municipality of Upper Val Tidone
When: from 12/24/21 to 01/09/22, from 3.30 to 6.30 pm