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Piozzano(PC), Panorama da Località San Gabriele, ph. Morganti, Archivio Immagini Comune di Piozzano


Where is it

On the gentle slopes of the Luretta valley stands the town of Piozzano south of Piacenza.

Why visit it

A hilly environment divided between nature and culture with examples of architecture of defense.

Do not miss

The parish church of SS Salvatore, with a portal by the sculptor Paolo Perotti from Piacenza, the remains of the castle built in the 11th century.

On the table

Appetizer of PDO cured meats and meat dishes represent the local tradition, which includes a dish called “duls e brusc” based on chicken meat (turkey or pork) first boiled and then cooked in a sauce of lard, oil and onion scented with vinegar, sugar and raisins.

Keep Fit

In the surroundings there are paths for mountain biking, trekking and horse riding.

Main events

In June, the breweries of Piacenza organize an event dedicated to the local production of microbrews.


Not to be missed the cylindrical keep of Monteventano, a settlement dating back to the 10th century, the Romanesque parish church of Pomaro, the church of San Giovanni in San Gabriele and the remains of the castle of Montecanino. Piozzano is located along the Columban way, which starts in Switzerland and reaches the monastery of Bobbio through Lombardy.

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