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Il Po e la Bassa

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Villages and Castles
The fortress was ordered by Rolando Pallavicino, who built it in1420, maybe exploiting the structure of an ancient castle. Such structure affects the centre of…Discover more
Museums and Galleries
All the ichthyc species of the river Po are shown in about 20 tanks. The museum is divided into three sections: Aquarium, Po museum, Museum…Discover more
Religious architecture
Old parish church dedicated to S.Donato, bishop and martyr from Arezzo. The originary romanesque building is still visible under the several changes made at different…Discover more
Monuments, Squares and Palaces
Ancient hospitale for pilgrims going along Via Francigena. In the fourteenth century it gave hospitality to Corrado Confalonieri,a Saint from Piacenza. Free visit to the…Discover more
Religious architecture
Baroque church dating back to 1200 with 36 m tall monumental façade, an elegant portal and a tower. Inside, it preserves a painting by Francesco…Discover more
Religious architecture
Main religious centre in Monticelli, it was designed by Giovanni Battagio and ordered by Carlo Pallavicino between 1471 and 1480. Its architectural prophile, in gothic-longobardic…Discover more