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Museums and Galleries
In Cortevecchias area a section witnesses the origins of the village around the castle : peasant houses and agricultural tools. Agricultural tools of the
Monuments, Squares and Palaces
Aloisa is the ghost of  the castle, also honored in the village by a statue on a pedestal placed in the main street, near
Religious architecture
The Apparizione Chapel was built in 1954 near Frati, in the neighbourhood of the former prison, where it is said that the Holy Virgin
Religious architecture
The building, completed in 1884, celebrates the appearance of the Virgin Mary in 1496. The sanctuary, designed by Guglielmo della Cella, is in neo-Romanesque
Villages and Castles
I Bersani, a little village in the municipality of Gropparello, it’s a lovely village located on the hills of Vezzeno Valley. Recently the village
Villages and Castles
It is a medieval fortress, probably built by the Nicelli family (owners of this area since the 15th century); the upper structure was enriched