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According to an old legend Annibale, who at the time of the second punic war stopped in the countryside around Piacenza. He left in custody…Discover more
Archaeological places
The S. Andrea Neolithic Village, near the Trebbia river,  presents a dense network of well-preserved dwellings and workshops, of which several can be visited. The…Discover more
Villages and Castles
IIts history is identified with the Abbey history, founded in 614, by Saint Columbanus, which in the Dark Ages became one of the main seats…Discover more
Museums and Galleries
The Bobbio Cathedral Museum was opened in 2014, on the occasion of the millennium of the founding of the Diocese of Bobbio. It is housed…Discover more
Located on the left bank of the Trebbia River, in an area inhabited since prehistoric times, Bobbio is the most important town of the valley….Discover more
Villages and Castles
The castel of Cariseto, is located in a overlooking location on top of a mountain in Cariseto village, in the hamlet of Cerignale. The imposing…Discover more