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Alessio Tramello

S.M.di Campagna, ph Dassoni, Archivio Comune di Piacenza

Alessio Tramello was an important architect from Piacenza, who created some of the most beautiful buildings of the Renaissance time.
He was born in 1445 in Mottaziana, a tiny village close to Borgonovo in Tidone Valley.
His father was a master builder and through his skills Alessio learned how to work on big buildings.
Alessio moved to Piacenza where he started soon his career as an architect.


His buildings were so well done and innovative for his time, actually since the beginning they were considered made by Bramante.

It was only in the end of the XIX Century, through some paper findings and some historical researches made by Leopoldo Cerri, that it was possible to recognize  Alessio Tramello as the main architect of the three most important churches of the city.

San Sisto church (1499-1511) has an original second structure of its aisle which crossed next to the main front.

San Sepolcro Church ( 1488-1534) and its next cloister which was built from 1503. The plan of this church includes three domes, reminding to some venetian- byzantine structures. This innovative approach gives new scenographic effect for the XV Century.

But the most important building in Piacenza it’s defenetly Santa Maria di Campagna. This church was built from 1522; it’s based on a central composition made by a greek cross with four cornered chapels.

A. Tramello was able to create simple and clean decorations, with a dinstictive and unique style, pretty regional, even if through certain details they could remind to Bramante architect.

Tramello died in Piacenza during the 1535, and he was buried in Santa Maria di Campagna church. His body was moved after 1804 because of the Saint Cloud edit. Actually Napoleon’slaw decided that all the graves have to be buried out of the city walls and from that moment on A. Tramello’s grave was scattered.