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Castelnuovo Fogliani (PC), veduta castello, ph. Alessandro Vecchi

CC BY-SA 4.0

Perched on top of a small isolated hill and close to Via Emilia, the castle performed an effective visual control of the surrounding territory. Except for the tower, the radical restoration carried out in the 18th century has eliminated any traces of the fortified structures, creating in their place a luxury residential complex. The design is attributed to Vanvitelli. The background is completed by a wide garden with several tree species and different style settings. The high and slender tower rose from the older complex and, besides performing donjon functions, it controlled effectively the entrance below. Its got a square plan, and is made of bricks, it has few openings (some of them walled) and traces of several modifications.The castle is mentioned in a document dating back to 1100, and its first owners were the Della Porta, who also rented it to Piacenza’s council. It was the setting of several fights between people from Piacenza and the main surrounding towns,frequently allied between themselves. The tower was built in 1189 with money given by Parma’s inhabitants as compensation for war damages.In 1215 it was attacked by armies from Cremona, Reggio Emilia and Parma, ,and the defendants surrendered after 6 days . It has presently become a summer accommodation, seat of conventions and workshops, guided tours.Guided tours only upon reservation: tel.+39.0523.947112 Possibility of organizing conventions and congresses.

Viale delle Rimembranze 87

Piazza del Municipio - Castell'Arquato