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Giuseppe Merosi was the designer from Piacenza who created the proud history of the Alfa Romeo cars.

The beginning

Giuseppe Merosi was born in Piacenza in 1872. After his studies as a surveyor, he started as an inspector ne 1899 to the Orio&Marchand, a French and Piacenza company of bikes, which got converted for the production of cars. Later he worked for Fiat and in the car departement of Bianchi in Milan, until he was employed by Alfa(Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) with the role of technical director and with the assignment to design new car.
Since that moment his presence went hand in hand with the success of the brand.

The motors of Giuseppe Merosi

The first important motor designed by Merosi was the “24 HP”, a masterpiece upgraded to 31 CV, which was transported on the biplane of Antonio Santoni and Nino Franchini, completely designed and built by Alfa.

Later on, the designer from Piacenza, created one of the first overhead valve engine, ” The 40-60 HP”, which was representing the starting point of the two camshaft engines (always in the lead).
After the First World War, Merosi created the RL engine, actually it was an innovative six-cylinder engine, because it could be used both on tourist cars and on racing car. It got mass-produced since 1923.
The tourism version reached, during its first year, record sales with 929 units.
Meanwhile its sport version was built on some really light chassis. It took part to the Targa Florio Competition, winning first place.
The engine, known as “RL TF”(with a specific mention to Targa Florio)made Alfa well-known abroad.


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