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Palazzo dell'Istituzione a Grazzano Visconti, ph Lorena Carella

It has been one of the art towns in Piacenza’s province since 1986.
The village, built at the beginning of 1900, is in Neogothic style (return to the art of the 14th and 15th centuries).The village is built around an ancient castle (1395) and a church dating back to 1200. Its creator, count Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone, who had inherited the castle, wanted to built an authentic, medieval artistic centre: a medieval village from the architectural point of view, with several decorative references to medieval legends and anecdotes; wrought iron and wood handicrafts were meant to be made and sold in small workshops in the village streets, and the inhabitants were expected to wear characteristic medieval clothes designed by himself. In the village theres also an Arts and Crafts school and a Theatre with its own theatre company.The artisans craft may still be noticed in any wrought iron or wooden object visible:gates, snake signs, the great cock,emblem of wrought iron workshops, grates, various objects, portals, etc.
This characteristic village offers a suggestive coreography during medieval celebrations.Grazzano Visconti has an old centre, built between 1905 and 1915 , including Via Carla Erba, the kindergarten, Madonna di tutte le Grazie’s oratory, Cortevecchia. Around thes centre, the remaining buildings were finished in 1945-46.We suggest the visit of Santi Cosma and Damiano church, Madonna delle Grazie’s oratory (see opening times), the agricultural tool window, the ice house, temporary exhibitions of photos and documents dating back to 1900, painting exhibitions in the theatre,characteristic shops with articraft production. There are 2 restaurants, 3/4 sandwich bars; 1 outdoor pic nic area with tables and benches, public toilets nearby; in the centre the public toilets(with a toilet for the disabled) are always open.

Grazzano Visconti

Viale del Castello, 2 - Vigolzone