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Castello di Grazzano Visconti

The Grazzano Visconti castle belongs to the Visconti di Modrone family since 1395.

The castle was built for the wedding of Beatrice Visconti, the sister of the famous GianGaleazzo Visconti – the sovereign of Milan, with Giovanni Anguissola.
At the beginning of the 20th century count Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone made some changes to the building. Giuseppe Visconti enlisted the services of architect Alfredo Campanini to restore the fortress. So the castle shows now part of its ancient aspect modified by the neoromantic taste of those times.

With the guided tours it will be possible to see the rooms of this castle. On the ground floor the halls, the library, the dining room and on the first floor the sleeping rooms, each of them differently arranged and decorated with ancient furniture and neomedieval paintings, reflecting the original taste of Giuseppe Visconti. He was a versatile man with many interests, from arts to industry. He was also the founder of Grazzano Visconti’s village. He lived in the castle for many years with his numerous family: his wife and 7 children, leaving a lasting memory in the fortress.

The guided tours invite visitors to discover the extraordinary story of the castle and of the Visconti of Modrone family.
Since the spring of 2007, it’s possible to visit the park with a guide but the real tourist attraction is the surrounding area: the village that attracts every year thousands of people.

Viale del Castello, Grazzano Visconti

Admission prices:
16 euros ticket adult; 8,00 euros reduced ticket for children and groups

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Viale del Castello, 2 - Vigolzone