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Villages and Castles
Rocca Mandelli, Caorso, ph. DT, Archivio Immagini Visitemilia

It was built in 1205 as defensive outpost in the direction of Cremona, and became a fief of the Mandelli family in 1383; it was then transformed into a palace in the 18th century; in 1900-14 it was restored to castle, upon a design of the architect Enrico Rossi.

The structure is massive: it has got a square plan, a crenellated wall, four towers at the corners and a donjon which is slightly out of axis with respect to the entrance with battlements. The town hall offices and private houses are now inside the castle, but it can anyway be visited on the days and at the times mentioned.

In 1998, inside the fortress, was discovered an elegantly frescoed penitential chapel. In 2006 the wall paintings, the surrounding walls and the ancient cotto-tiled floor have been restored and can now be seen in all their original splendour.

Piazza Rocca, Caorso (PC)