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Palazzo dell'Istituzione a Grazzano Visconti, ph Lorena Carella

The diffusion of the neogothic architectural style

Between the end of the XIX and the beginnig of the XX century, the neo middle age style got diffused: many architects took care of old buildings, restoring through a middle age style, an example the Sforzesco Castle in Milano.
The architect Camillo Boito, was one of the most important theorist for the renewal of the architectural language, he was really close to the Visconti family; in this specific athmosphere Giuseppe Visconti, a smart man with great skills, energy, creativity took the decision to restore Grazzano Castle, building around it a little village.

The village of Grazzano Visconti

Grazzano village was conceived by the cultural milieu of Milan.
In 1905 the building of the village started and finished a few years later, even if some peripheral buildings needed some more years to be finished.
The Palazzo dell’Istituzione is considered the center of the whole village; it was built in 1908 and enlarged in 1930, becoming the headquarters of the Visconti Foundation, its aim was the education and the teaching of the crafts activities. It was a real and philantrophical project wanted by Giuseppe Visconti, who was aware of the upcoming industrial development and who was scared by a possible loss of the crafts.
Actually Grazzano Visconti represents the most important implementation of the European neo middle age style in Italy.

Even nowadays inside of the village some crafts workshops are located, producing and selling objects made by old metalsmith and carved wood thecniques.

Many frescoes decorate the facades of the neo middle age style buildings.
On the roofs Ghibelline battlements and chimneys from old towers are well visible; the windows have clay mould decorations as a copy of the late Gothic or Rinassance fregios.

The most important buildings are: the theater, the little late Gothic church, the old hotel of the Biscione and the Corte Vecchia.

Grazzano Visconti

Viale del Castello, 2 - Vigolzone