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Villages and Castles
IIts history is identified with the Abbey history, founded in 614, by Saint Columbanus, which in the Dark Ages became one of the main
Villages and Castles
Boffalora castle is located about 300 metres above sea level, a splendid panoramic position about 30 km away from Piacenza.  The first documents describing
Villages and Castles
Though dating back to the 13th century, it lost the original plan (it was, in effect, destroyed and rebuilt more than once);at present, its
Monuments, Squares and Palaces
The city of Piacenza preserves a superb work by Botticelli, the so called Tondo. It represents the Virgin, kneeling, in the act of adoring
Villages and Castles
Calendasco castle, or Castrum Calendaschi, is a fortress built in the 9th century and cited for the first time in a document by Pope
Villages and Castles
It is a medieval fortress, probably built by the Nicelli family (owners of this area since the 15th century); the upper structure was enriched