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Monuments, Squares and Palaces
Built upon request of Cardinal Giulio Alberoni, prime minister of the king Philip the 5th from Spain and of Elisabetta Farnese, its costruction started
Monuments, Squares and Palaces
Aloisa is the ghost of  the castle, also honored in the village by a statue on a pedestal placed in the main street, near
Religious architecture
Vernasca’s ancient church is in a panoramic position over the river Arda and is traditionally recalled as Pieve (parish Church).It is dedicated to San
Museums and Galleries
Inaugurated in 1975 at the ground floor of a small building built at Maria Luigias time, it illustrates, by means of meaningful material and
Religious architecture
The Apparizione Chapel was built in 1954 near Frati, in the neighbourhood of the former prison, where it is said that the Holy Virgin
Archaeological places
The S. Andrea Neolithic Village, near the Trebbia river,  presents a dense network of well-preserved dwellings and workshops, of which several can be visited.