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La roccia chiamata Piplon, nelle vicinanze di Gropparello (PC)

One day the silly devil Piplon, felt in love with a beatiful girl named Gesandra, but the young lady refused him.

The deception

To cheating on her, he dressed up as a chevalier and he asked for help to Gesualdo, a monk from  the area, to plead for him.

The monk made fun of Piplon

Anyway the monk didn’t let himself convinced and he decided to cheat on him on his turn. He said to Piplon to come back a weeks after; in the meanwhile he carved a rock in his image. When the devil came back after a week, the friar Gesualdo managed to convince him that his beloved will merry him only if he would have waiting for her in the same place for seven years, seven months and seven days. The friar offered himself to be the company during this waiting time.

After many months and years Piplon felt asleep; the sand, transported by the wind, covered his body, turning him in a rock. Nowadays it’s still possible to see the rock on the Castellana street, in the municipality of Gropparello.

Nowadays it’s still possible to reach the Piplon rock. Starting from Gropparello Square, going to Castellana, keeping the direction to Groppovisdomo and Veleia. Then crossing the Vezzeno creek, after a while on the right side it’s possible to see the 10 meters high black with blue-green reflections monolithic rock.


Viale del Castello, 2 - Vigolzone