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Parco Raggio Pontenure (PC) foto da sito Comune Pontenure

The park is located at the center of Pontenure between the Via Emilia and the Train Station; the green area is surrounding Villa Raggio. This villa, originally titled “Lucky Villa”, was built by the will of Armando Raggio between the 1882 and the 1885, with the project of Luigi Rovelli from Genova.

The beautiful villa has a park of 42.000 square meters, which represents a wonderful example of a “giardino d’importazione”, mediterranean style.

The park of Villa Raggio was created around the 1888.

At the end of the 80’s, after around a century, the Municipality of Pontenure decided to buy the Villa with the park too.
The future restoration and the maintenance work for the park, managed to keep the structure almost the same, really similar to its original project.

Two tree-lined avenues to the sides and one in the center are dividing the park area in different wide spaces, creating a romantic style garden.
The park contains around 750 trees.
During the summertime season many cultural events are happening, like concerts, theater and movie festivals, like “Concorto Film Festival“.
In the middle of the park  a particular architectural structure is located: a greenhouse made of glass, iron and cement. After a long period of unfitness for use, a cultural association named “Crisalidi” took care of the greenhouse, making some important restoration works, transforming it in the beautiful and unique “Serra Theater”.

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