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Villages and Castles
Rivalta Borgo, ph

The suggestive fortified village in its impeccable medieval style is closed to traffic and develops around the mighty Castle.
You can access to the village through an ancient passage flanked by the watchtower which dates back to 1000. The village is characterised by cobblestone paved alleyways leading to restaurants, shops and the hotel, to the Castle and the S. Martino church.

The small fortified village guards the Trebbia river and it lies on a road which once was an important link between Piacenza and Genoa. The first accounts date back to the year 1000.
The village was controlled by the Malaspina family until the 14th century when it passed on to the Landi family, who ruled it up to the 19th century as the Zanardi Landi family took over.
The sumptuous stately home, which is still today a private residence, is surrounded by a magnificent park and the British Royal Family are habitual hosts.
The Castle is open to the public from February to November on Sundays and holidays, whereas in any other day is open by booking in advance. It is also part of the Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza circuit.
The guided tour takes visitors through few rooms with original furnishing from 1500 to 1800, the arms room with relics from the Lepanto battle in which some noble families from Piacenza took part. It is also possible to visit the tower from which visitors will enjoy the beautiful landscape on the surrounding hills.

It is worth visiting also S. Martino church, a 15th century building with trussed roof and clay decorations, which shelters canvases by Ferrante di Bologna, a 17th century painter.
The village also hosts some events during the year, among which it is worth mentioning the living nativity scene and the village feast on New Year’s Day .