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Rivalta, ph

The castle, one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Emilia, is in Rivalta suggestive village, located on the banks of the river Trebbia.

History of the castle

First evidence of the village goes back to 1048; in the first decade of 1300 its lord was Obizzo Landi, to whose ancient and noble family it belonged, through ups and downs, until the half of 1800, when it passed to the Zanardi Landi Counts branch of the family, who still own it. It is characterised by a mixture of styles,medieval, renaissance, baroque and e neoclassical.

The guided tour

The guided tour of the castle lasts about an hour and ranges from references to the ancient, 11th century origins,(the donjon at the entrance of the borough), to the renaissance traits(the inner ward, the tower), and then goes along the stately interiors: the main hall, the characteristic branches kitchen, the elegant bedrooms, the pools room and, last but not least, the wonderful arms room, which are all remarkable for the rich furniture, the care for every detail, the pleasant feeling of lived in of the castle. The tour confirms the continuous blending of public-official and private dimensions; so memories of the battles fought throughout the centuries(Trebbia Battle between Hannibal and the Romans, the battle of Lepanto …) go along with the troubled lives of the castle inhabitants and their tragic destinies: the beautiful Bianchina Landi and the excellent cook Giuseppe still fascinate visitors with their stories, and still haunt the castle.Among the most famous guests of the castle, Princess Margaret of England who used to sleep inside the borough, in the ‘green room’ .

Services offered

Guided tours, book shop,wine tasting areas where to tyr D.O.C. wines from the hills around Piacenza, bars and restaurants inside the borough.

loc. Rivalta

Winter opening hours
February: on holidays guided tours at 15.30 and 17.00*;

Spring- Autumn
From March to July at 11, 15.20, 16.40 and 18.00*; holidays at 10.30, 12*, 15.20, 16.40, 18*;

August from Wednesday to Friday tour only at 16.30, Saturdays at 11, 15.20, 16.40, 18*; holidays at 10.30, 12*, 15.20, 16.40, 18*;
September, October, November Saturdays at 11, 15.20, 16.40 and 18*, holidays at 10.30, 12*, 15.20, 16.40 and 18*; weekdays upon booking only.


Admission prices:
12 euros

Reduced prices:
10,00 euros group fee; 9,00 euros childrens fee