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Religious architecture
San Giacomo, Castell'Arquato, ph. Archivio IAT Castel'Arquato

The oratory dates back to the 13th century; it was built upon request of Ventimiglias Bishop Jacopo da Castell’Arquato,who made his will in favour of his village of origin:his money had to be used to build a chapel and a cemetery. The cemetery was built next to the Collegiate Church, the Oratory rose in the lowest part of the village, in Fontane del Duca street. It now hosts a cabinet makers shop.The external side, between two houses, is made of a simple hut façade and two pilaster strips .There’s a central portal, with a lintel supported by two capitals with stylized palms and surmounted by a lunette, which was probably painted; over the portal there’s a window lighting the interior.The huge internal hall is made of a single nave divided into three spans, covered by cross vaulting ribs. From Parco delle Driadi it’s possible to see the brick apse, next to which there’s a belfry that departs in an anomalous way from the upper limit of the oratory roof.

Via Fontane del Duca

Piazza del Municipio - Castell'Arquato