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Palazzo Scotti- affreschi scalone B.O.T. Carpaneto Piacentino (PC) ph Patrizia Oropallo

Imposing building in the town centre, next to the church. In the past it was a solid castle, probably built upon a former roman castrum. In the first centuries after the year 1000 it was destroyed and rebuilt several times, in 1500 it became Pier Maria Scotti’s fortress. Pier Maria Scotti was also called Buso for his incursions and robberies in the territories around Piacenza. After that it became the residence of the Scotti Douglas family until the end of 1800, when it was purchased by Carpaneto’s Council for its offices. The Palace houses the Municipal Offices.

Piazza XX Settembre, 1
Sunday and festive days

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From 09.00 am to 1.00 pm


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Free entrance