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Grazzano Visconti(PC), Asilo, Archivio Immagini Comune di Piacenza

The “pearl necklace” frieze is located on the facade of the Former Asilo Luigi Visconti in Grazzano, it was built by the will of Donna Carla Erba to complying with a vow.

The Pearl necklace frieze

The decoration, white on a beige background, is developing all around the building under the windows of the first floor.
Many angels are holding a long pearl necklace from which hangs a pendant of the Visconti Coats of Arm, joined by the acronym CAR VIC, namely Carla Visconti.

In 1910 Luigi got real sick. He was one of the seven children of the Duke Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone and Carla Erba, the owners of Grazzano.

The vow

The mother of Luigi, a fervent believer, decided to make a vow, as a reaction to the desperate situation of his son: if her kid were healed, she would have sold her most precious object, a long pearl necklace, collecting the money to build a kindergarten for the children of the artisans of Grazzano.

Luigi Visconti healed and his Mother Carla kept her promise.
Luigi got married in 1929 with Maddalena Arrivabene Gonzaga. The couple had two children, Bernabò and Gianmaria, their descendent.

Nowadays the building is hosting the tourist office and the ticket office of the castle of Grazzano Visconti. It’s located on the access way to the garden of the castle.


Viale del Castello, 2 - Vigolzone