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Museo Archeologico della Val Tidone, ph. Andrea Scardova, Archivio
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The museum celebrates the decennial excavations and research activity carried out by the association Pandora with the cooperation of Emilia Romagna’s Board of Archaeological Assets .

The archaeological museum displays historically important remains found in the Tidone Valley basin of the Val Tidone and offers a picture of the history and the dynamics of the ancient populations of the area, from prehistory to the Roman age.
The first room preserves fossiles that show the various layers constituting Padana Valley ; in the second one remains witnessing the presence of man in Tidone Valley in pre and proto-history (from 5th millennium B.C. to the beginning of the roman age – II/I centuries B.C.) are diplayed. Most of the exhibition is dedicated to the remains from Piana di San Martino, pottery artifacts above all, which confirm the existence of a community grown throughout the 1st millennium B.C. The third room of the museum, the largest one, contains remains dating back above all to the roman period and some from the High-Middle ages. Several specimens of objects found in the roman village of Pianello are displayed. The most recent piece of art is a late imperial funerary stone from the first century A.D. called ‘Valeria Nardis’, found in an area where a capital with graffiti and decorations, probably belonging to a funerary urn, had already been found.

The exhibition also includes the roman remains coming from different sites in the valley, namely the sarcophagus from Vicomarino, as well as remains of Ganaghello’s burial from Arcello’s Villa in Trevozzo. The most remarkable ones are the many architectural materials, the instrumentum and some coins.

It is possible to book visits for schools and groups. The Museum offers and archive with information on the objects exhibited.

Piazza Mensi, lato est della Rocca

Weekday timetable:
Upon reservation

Holiday timetable:
From May to September: 10.00 -12.00 am / 4.00-7.00pm; From October to April: 10.00 – 12.00am


Admission prices:
Free admission