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Villages and Castles

Important medieval castle, between Stirone and Ongina Valleys. Vigoleno is important thanks to Alberto Scoto, who fortified it furtherly in 1306. After the fights between Guelphs and Ghibellines the castle was rebuilt and belonged to Piacenza’s Council until 1370. In 1385 the castle was handed over again to the Scotti, was rearranged and, by means of a diploma by Gian Maria Visconti, the territories around it became county. What remains of the castle today probably dates back to the rearrangements and works of the late 13th and 14th centuries. The castle is still surrounded by walls. Walls have and elliptic plan and inside medieval structures are still recognizable. The urban centre is crossed by a longitudinal axis: at the western end there’s the access to the castle and and an imposing quadrangular donjon, while San Giorgio church lies at the eastern end. There are also typical paved alleys and stone buildings. The access to the castle is through a gate, which in the past centuries was supplied with a drawbridge.Today Vigoleno is part of the circuit ‘The most beautiful Italian Boroughs’.


Piazza del Municipio - Castell'Arquato