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Municipal denomination De.Co

According to the old witnesses, the recipe of the Spisigona cake was created in the first years of the II world war. At that time, this cake represents the main dish of the country gastronomy of Gragnano Trebbiense village.

The name of  Torta Spisigona

Its name comes from its characteristic shape, typical pinched dough, in Piacenza dialect  “spisigoni”. In peasant tradinion, the cake was often the main meal for the farmers, who were used to bring it to fields, due to its high protein and energy value.

The Festival

The Festival of the Spisigona cake was organised for many years by the Pro Loco Association of Gragnano, in occasion of the village fair dedicated to Baby Virgin Mary ( on the 8th September).
In 1993 a group of volunteers, friends of the Mcl Group in Gragnano Trebbiense, decided to organise again the event.

The DE.CO Recognition

In 2015 the Gragnano Trebbiense Municipality gave to the Spisigona cake the De.Co mark.



For 1kg cake:

– 1kg Italian type 00 wheat flour, better from the region
– 500 gr of butter
– 500 gr of sugar
– 12 boiled egg yolks
– salt as needed


Melting the butter, leaving it half an hour outside the fridge, incorporating it with the sugar, with the flour, adding the salt and the egg yolks.

Knead the dough until it will be sufficiently homogeneous.
Cover the metal cake-form with some butter and flour; cut by hands many small pieces and compose the cake inside of the form.
Let the cake cook in a hot oven at 170° for 40-50 minutes. The cake is cooked when it will be a biscuit coloured.

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