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Alta Val Nure panorama sui monti dell'appennino piacentino (PC), ph. Patrizia Oropallo

This itinerary unwinds along CAI paths from Mareto, 979 m above sea level.  
Mareto is the perfect starting point for an excursion on Monte Aserei, which separates Trebbia and Nure rivers.

Leave your car just after Mareto village, in the parking site after the tarmacked road. Follow CAI path no.027 heading west for about 40 minutes until you reach Fontanone village located 1179 m above sea level. Continue on a sloping meadow towards an untarmacked road, then walk for about 20 minutes until you reach the sign for path no. 001 (which leads you on the left to Ciregna, Passo del Mercatello, and on the right to Passi Cappelletta and Passo del Cerro). Don’t follow the sign but walk on a small bridge on a canal, leaving the untarmacked path to continue on the left on a field. Follow the line of trees (with white-red signs on their trunks), keep the right side of the slope directed westward. You will reach a small wood until you find Cima Liscaro (1306 m. after 20 minutes). Continue south on path no. 151, coming from Passo S. Barbara and then towards a pine wood that marks Monte Aserei top (1432 m.). You should reach the mountain top in 30 minutes.
Going back, follow the fencing on the sloping hill, heading south-east, until you reach path no.001 at 1308 m. high above the sea level.
Continue left heading north along the untarmacked road, gently descend among meadows and wood made of chestnut trees and hazel trees until you reach Fontanone (after 45 minutes). Follow path no. 027, and within 30 minutes you will reach Mareto.

Loc. Mareto