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Escursionisti in Alta Val Nure (PC), ph. Patrizia Oropallo

The itinerary can be considered a variant of itinerary 035 (from Passo di Linguadà to passo dello Zovallo).
N 037 ITINERARY: Prato Grande (about 1440 m), Prato Bure, M.Ragola’s crest (max. height 1770 m), Hill between M. Ragola and M.Zovallo (about 1470 m). M. Ragola is one of the most imposing ophiolythic structures in Italy, and offers a remarkable view of most of the western apeine and Padana Valley, right up to the Alps in good weather conditions. The bush shaped dwarf pines (pinus pumilio) scattered along the top crest are really worth noticing. The presence of coniphers (among the very few spontaneous ones in the Northern Apennine) maybe goes back to the ice period, finished about 10000 years ago. This itinerary, originally signalled and marked by OTP.GEA, may be troubled in case of snow on the highly sloping crest between M.Ragola’s southern top and Ragola/Zovallo Hill (rarely, due to southern exposition of the part of track mentioned).
LENGTH: 3 km.
TIME: 1 hour and 45 minutes.
ALTITUDE GAP: 30-300 m.

loc. Linguadà