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This trekking in three stages will help trekkers tread some of the paths which, for many centuries, were the natural ways of communication between the valleys of Arda, Nure and Trebbia. Roads full of history, but of suggestions and poetry as well. A path that presents numerous interesting spots from the botanical and geological points of view.STAGE ONE: from Veleia Romana to Prato Barbieri (4-5 hrs)THE TRACK: This itinerary has many ascending, steep parts, and develops along paths until it meets the road going from Lugagnano to Parco Provinciale.It goes along the road until it reaches the Park abode, then it reaches Morfasso – Prato Barbieri trunk road and goes along it till the end of the stage . Departure is from Veleia (512 m) on a highly sloping white road, which goes from 512 metres (in Veleia) to 800m in Rio Freddo’s valley, which is deep and narrow and divides mount Rovinasso on the left from Rocca di Moria on the right. You’ll soon go by La Villa: walk for about 1 km amid cultivated land, then enter the wood. After passing monte Rovinasso’s slight slopes,you’ll reach the road leading from Lugagnano to Parco Provinciale, you’ll meet Madonna del Monte little church and you’ll reach the park’s abode, where you may stop. In “Il Vallico” you’ll reach the crest beteewn Chero and Lubiana’s streams, and you’ll be able to enjoy a view over Padana Valley .The wood is substituted by cultivated land and the path, at times wide and very little marked, borders the crest reaching Monte delle Donne (902m ), Costa Crocellasa (945 m) and, finally, Morfasso Guselli’s trunk road, which has to be followed up to Prato Barbieri, where there is a little hotel.


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