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THE TRACK: A difficult ring, where the track sometimes has to be perceived by intuition. It should be done in spring or in the winter, when the track can be perceived more easily in the wood. From Coli climb up to Mazzucchi; then, after crossing the asphalted road to Coli-Fontana, a steep bridle path reaches the crest; after that, slope down to Fontana. Once crossed the village, follow the asphalted road for some time after passing a restaurant. After some time look for the path on the left, at first in descent, then on a steeper and steeper ascent that, going amid fields and pine-wood, reaches Coli-Gavi road in Malardà. Going along the track, border the meadow southwards, then enter the pine-wood climbing up to Costa Camparlino; here, after a left bend, follow the forest trail till you reach Passo dei Tre Abati (1024 m). The track descends for a little while, then climbs up again in oak, nut, and poplar groves. When you reach the pass in the North of Monte Capra head to the mountain’s rocky crest. The track ins’t in good conditions, be particularly careful in the northern slope, which is steep and deceitful. You’ll shortly reach the top, at 1310 m. Now reach the pass in the south of Monte Capra (1211 m), after entering the beech-tree wood;leave the pass on the left and head southwards climbing up to Monte S.Agostino, till you reach the top (1256 m). After some more time in the wood, you’ll come out on a panoramic crest, now easy to go along (this crest is the easiest way to the top). Staying on the ridge you’ll reach a pass (1160 m) and an evident bridle path. Follow it on the left, descending towards the pine-wood; at the first crossing turn right and, after some ups and downs, you’ll go back to Costa Camparlino. Going towards the shed go out of the wood; after crossing the road to Coli-S.Barbara slope downwards, on the trail, till you reach Peveri, Poggiolo and Coli.
LENGTH: 15 kilometres
TRAVEL TIME: 5-6 hours


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