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Monte Lesima round excursion

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Dalla Sella dei Generali al Lesima, ph. G. Turco

From Piani di Lesima (1194 m above sea level), at the corner of a small soccer field, follow the untarmacked road on the left, with signs to Passo La Colla (path no. 9). The path goes slightly uphill through the woods, from which you can take a glimpse of Piani di Lesima and Monte Lesima, then you reach Passo La Colla (1350 m). The path curves on the left towards path no. 101 with signs to Passo Giovà, leading you to a thick beech wood. The ascent is at times steep, but you will reach the wood on top of Monte La Colla (1438 m) from where you can get to Monte Terme (1489 m) through meadows and undulated hills. The path continues downwards through the fields towards Passo della Ritorta, beyond which the path ascends. Bordering the wood and through it, you should reach a fork, leave path no. 101 towards Passo Giovà and continue on the left towards no. 101y with signs to Monte Lesima. The path continues on grassy hills, sometimes on a steep cline, until you reach Monte Tartago (1688 m). The view here is on the objective, follow the tarmacked road. Turn left and follow the road for about 400 metres and you shall reach the top of Monte Lesima (1724 m), where there is a huge cross and a balloon-shaped radar station. Then continue on path no. 123 that goes downhill bordering a precipice, until you get to a grassy plain. Turn right and continue for about 100 m, then turn left walking through the grass and into the wood. A delicate descent will take you on the tarmacked road close by a picnic area (1359 m). Turn left and follow the tarmacked road towards Piani di Lesima. The circle is closed.
Path: 10 Km for about 600 m
Round trekking, about 2 hours and 50 minutes. 

Monte Lesima

Piazza San Francesco - Bobbio