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una delle spettacolari Cascate del Perino, Bettola (PC), ph Patrizia Oropallo

Perino waterfalls offer a unique experience in an unspoilt environment. 
Perino stream from its source to Trebbia river, close by Perino village, is about 15 km long.
Its territory is characterised by an environment with cultivated lands but also wilder spots, with a very different – but incredibly interesting – scenery. In its middle course, Perino is particularly rough because its path suddenly changes from a quiet and slow flowing nature to a narrow gorge.

This is where the most suggestive part of the valley begins: the rock stratification presents a series of gaps that the torrent overcomes forming waterfalls, of which the tallest is 17 m high. Each waterfall is different and forms either small ponds or rapids.  
A path allows visitors to see the first five waterfalls. Along the path you can see Mulino di Riè, a typical country mill witnessing one of the ancient jobs in the area. A long time ago, Perino path was studded by mills, which blades worked thanks to the water that used to flow in special channels. 

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