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Bobbio, sorgente Termale Rio Foino, ph. L. Maffi

Rio Foino thermal spring is one of the spot in Piacenza territory from where a healing water flows out. In the area around Bobbio there were many springs of sodium and bromine water; they were already known by the Romans and Longobards already used for the salt production and healing baths.
In the previous time, it was well known the existence of the thermal plant in Arda valley.  Namely in Veleia Romana location, it’s still possible visiting the ruins of Calidarium, Tepidarium, and Frigidarium. Recently, in the same area close to Bacedasco, there was a thermal plant, which is now closed.

The springs

The thermal springs in Bobbio are two: one is located in San Martino (where the thermal plant was closed in 1999) and the second is the Rio Foino spring, located  300 meters to the Ponte Gobbo, on the right bank of the river in front of the village.

Rio Foino thermal spring

Recently in Rio Foino location was built a new structure, allowing everybody to enter to the spring for free and during the summer season to swim in its healing water. A  little outdoor pool was built under the spring, to make available the healing thermal baths. Actually Rio Foino thermal spring contains salt- iodine-sulphurous water.

Parco di Rio Foino

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