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Parks and nature

The Po tract flowing on the side of Piacenza measures 100 km on a total of 678 km. More precisely, those 100 touch Piacenza on the right bank of this great river, which stretches from open plain to curve several times from Castel San Giovanni to Castelvetro. Po’s natural and environmental resources are numerous and fascinating, characterising the landscape with cane and willow thickets, misty woods, yellow water lilies and water chestnuts. Rich in fish varieties, it is also characterised by numerous species of birds and animals: for fish there is the bleak, most diffused in the area, tench, common carp, rudd, catfish, European perch and pike; for birds you might find the Night heron, little egret, Grey heron, nightingale, common moorhen, Great Reed Warbler. Again, the coot, mallard, little tern and the common Kingfisher. A real macrocosm extremely varied, forming an interesting ecosystem of a unique heritage that we will be able to preserve only by paying respect to the great Po river, a geographical borderline diversifying cultures and a common point of reference for the life of people in the Padana Valley.
What characterizes the river flowing along Caorso is the imposing presence of the Nuclear Plant “Arturo”, opened in 1981 and now relieved from its main purpose of energy production plant.
Moreover, in the same area there is the Pinedo Oasis, protected by the Provincial Territorial Plan and the Regional Environmental Plan to preserve the typical flora and fauna of Po river.