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Po, Archivio

Serafini island is a river island, the biggest of the Po river, it’s located in the area where the Adda river flows to the Po.
The island is part of the Monticelli d’Ongina municipality; it’s connected to the Emilia Romagna region by a bridge.
On the island there is a hydroelectirc power station, which is producing energy by the height difference of the river created by a double dam.
The dam is representing the main cause to the sturgeon fish disappearing. On the 12th March 2017, the opening of the “corridor” took place. Specifically it was made for the fishes to go up the river, from the sea to the Lugano lake.

The importance of the site

Actually the Serafini Island land has a really important natural value; it has been defined ” Community interest site”, mainly for its importance as a resting area for the migrating animals, besides the endemic vegetation.

The wildlife of Serafini Island

The rich presence of humid areas and wide sands it’s attracting many different animal species like terns, friars, hawks, owls, woodpeekers and bee-eaters.
Besides the unique calm and the majestic beauty of the river, in this specific place you find the amazing opportunity to watch waterbirds and other protected avifauna,  the visit to Serafini Island is highly recommended to all nature lovers, for a bike tour into the fields and to the river banks.

Loc. Isola Serafini