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Rottofreno(PC), Castello in località Santimento, archivio immagini Comune di Piacenza


Where it is

This town built in Roman times is located along Via Postumia, now called Via Emilia Pavese.

Don’t miss

Although private and visible only externally, the Castle is in a good state of conservation.

In the town center, there is a church dedicated to San Michele, which presents interventions by twentieth-century architect Berzolla and the local artist Luciano Ricchetti.

On the table

In addition to the typical dishes in the municipality of Rottofreno, there is a product which received the Municipality Denomination(De.Co.): the “Busslanein”, a little sweet donut to which an event is dedicated at the beginning of June.

Having fun

In the town of San Nicolò there are a cinema room, a literary club and places dedicated to sports.

Keeping fit

The area of Rottofreno is part of Parks of the Duchy which organises outdoor activities, walks, and experiences dedicated to the discovery of the “Trebbia Fluvial Park”.

Significant appointments

The second week of June in San Nicolò every year the food and wine festival dedicated to “Busslanein”.

In the town of Gragnano Trebbiense along the river, an appointment with music for the traditional Orzorock festival.

In the surroundings

The northern area of the town overlooks the river and touches the paths of the Via Francigena.

In the small town of Santimento, the church of San Giovanni Battista and the tower of the castle, now privately owned, are worth  visit .

On the border with Gragnano Trebbiense the church dedicated to the “Madonna del Pilastro” was built following an alleged miracle.
Nature becomes the star along the banks of the Po and in the area of the “Trebbia Fluvial Park“.

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