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Val Trebbia

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Monuments, Squares and Palaces
It’s not easy to establish the time of the construction of the bridge that connects the old Bobbio with the right bank of the River…Discover more
Religious architecture
Museums and Galleries
Dedicated to the Irish Saint Columba, who contributed to the spread of Christianity in Europe, the museum displays historical, artistic and archaeological exhibits; some of…Discover more
Religious architecture
San Colombano Abbey is in the centre of Bobbio. Its construction started at the end of the 9th century, when the Abbot Agilulph (883-96) decided to…Discover more
Religious architecture
First evidence of this church goes back to 1144,but the builder is unknown; towards the end of the 13th century it was managed by a…Discover more
Religious architecture
The church of Sant’ Antonino martyr, Saint patron of the village, it’s located in the settlement of Travo, in Trebbia valley. A rural church dedicated…Discover more