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Val Trebbia

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Music festival born out of a passion for that part of the Apennines that forms the border between Piacenza, Genoa, Pavia and Alessandria. This physical…Discover more
In August the town of Bobbio hosts the Bobbio Film Festival organized by director Marco Bellocchio for the first time in 1995.Discover more
Starting from the 21st of August the long-awaited Bobbio Film Festival is coming back for its 25th edition. The manifestation started back in 1995 thanks…Discover more
Festivals and celebrations
Sunday 17th December La croccantata di bobbio (Bobbio’s Almond Brittle) From 8 am in the city center of Bobbio the artisans of the almond brittle…Discover more
Fairs and Exhibitions
The event dedicated to nature, handicrafts and a market exhibition of flowers and plants in the Trebbia Valley, is held at Castello Malaspina Dal Verme,…Discover more
Festivals and celebrations
On Sunday, 11 December, the snail festival will take place in Bobbio, a tasty event where you can taste the recipe of Bobbio’s gastronomic tradition,…Discover more