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In Emilia-Romagna region,there was one of the four former nuclear power plants of Italy. The plant is located exactly in Caorso, on the banks of the Po river.
The choice to locate it here was really well thought, actually for the running, a nuclear power plant needs a huge amounts of water.

History of the nuclear Power Plant

ARTURO was the name of the newest and biggest nuclear power plant of  Italy; it was projected and built in 1977 by the group companies ENEL- Ansaldo Meccanica Nucleare-GETSCO.
The nuclear reactor of Caorso got the first issues on the 31st December 1977. The connection with the national electric network happened in May 1978.


During October 1986, the power station was stopped during the regular recharge of the fuel. Because of the result of the referendum about the Nuclear System in 1987, Caorso’s plant never reopened again.
During the work period until 1986, the nuclear power station produced 29 million of kWh.

From 1986, year of recess, until 1990 it remained in a state of maintenance and all the systems were in good condition to restart the activity.

After the CIPE approval in July 1990, which decided to close definitively the structure, the first dismantling steps began.


In 1999 SOGIN obtained the property of power plant. The company proposed to the relevant authorities a full dismantling plan.
Since February 2008, the nuclear power station is hosting the Radwaste Management School. It consists of a training center on the safety culture, specifically related to the radiation protection and the environmental safeguard.