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Giulio Alberoni was born in Fiorenzuola D’Arda.

Brief Biography

Giulio came from a poor family. After he took his priestly vows, he started his religious and political career, which ended with the role as a prime minister for Philip V, King of Spain.

The diplomacy of Giulio Alberoni made the union between the royal family and the dukes, the Borbone and the Farnese families.
The great politician, after some affairs moved back to Piacenza in 1740.
He received an appointment as administrator of San lazzaro Hospital. At that time it was still a foundation for the benefit of lepers, created by the Pope Clemente XII.

Giulio Alberoni founded a school

With the end of this plague in Italy, the Cardinal Alberoni received the permission to replace the Hospital with a boarding school to the education to the priesthood for seventy poor kids.
This Institution was named Collegio Alberoni, is still existing, it’s nowadays a Library, an Historical and Natural Museum, a seismological and weather observatory other than the Galleria Alberoni, which includes many collections, the masterpiece Ecce Homo by Antonello da Messina and many other church furnishing objects and tapestries.

After his death, Giulio Alberoni was buried inside of the Church of the Collegio, to which he bequeathed a large sum of 600.000 ducati.

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