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Fairs and Exhibitions
The travelling event completely dedicated to quality artisan chocolate makes a stop in Piacenza Art & Ciocc When: from 3 to 5 March 2023 Where:…Discover more
Festivals and celebrations
Sunday 17th December La croccantata di bobbio (Bobbio’s Almond Brittle) From 8 am in the city center of Bobbio the artisans of the almond brittle…Discover more
Festivals and celebrations
In the main streets of Castel San Giovanni, on the second weekend of November there is the fair Cioccolandia. The maitres chocolatiers, for this occasion,…Discover more
Excursions and guided tours
Villanova sull’Arda celebrates the Festa dei Ciliegi in Fiore (Cherry Blossom Festival) A traditional event that every year attracts hundreds of people from all over…Discover more
Festivals and celebrations
Annual appointment with the Feast of the Rebeldes When: June 23 and 24, 2023 Where: Coop Sant’Antonio, Piacenza, Loc. S. Antonio During the evenings food…Discover more
Festivals and celebrations
On Sunday, 11 December, the snail festival will take place in Bobbio, a tasty event where you can taste the recipe of Bobbio’s gastronomic tradition,…Discover more