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AR BRAGTÒN (Il Brachettone, made with pork meat)

Municipal denomination De.Co
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The name of this product has unknown origins; what is known is that the farmers, after the traditional killing of the pig in late autumn, prepared a "brachettone"for Carnival and another for Easter.
This salami is obtained from the meat of the pork shoulder which is deboned, spiced, sewn into its rind and it is left to season with a fence between two wooden bars. After a few months, the bars are removed and the brachettone is ready to be cooked.

It is one of the 5 De.Co products (Municipal Designation of Origin) certified in Bobbio (Piacenza) in 2019.


Second course

pork shoulder


Soak the brachettone for a day in plenty of water. Wrap it tightly in a cloth, tie it with kitchen string and place it in a pot of cold water. Boil it over low heat for a few hours, calculating about 1 hour for each kg of product; when the brachettone is cooked, cut it into thick slices and serve it hot accompanied by mashed potatoes or legumes cooked in a casserole, such as beans or lentils. It is advisable not to eat it all: leave a part to be eaten cold, cut into thin slices like a normal salami.